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500th Post! A look back at my favorite posts

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I just can’t believe that this is post 500. I thought it would be fun to take a look back at my favorite posts:

My favorite breakfast: Chilaquiles Benedict with Crispy Potatoes. I love a breakfast with a little kick of spice. This is my take on chilaquiles which are a traditional Mexican breakfast that has become a trend in Chicago. I like to add poached eggs on top. The crispy herb potatoes are the perfect breakfast side.

500th Post! A look back at my favorite posts

My favorite lunch: Chunky Beef Crockpot Chili. I think this is my all time favorite crockpot creation. It makes me look forward to lunch. It is a really fun workday lunch – just pack the toppings on the side. It also freezes really well – I make it in big batches and freeze half.

500th Post! A look back at my favorite posts

My favorite dinner: Ham Spinach and Artichoke Pizza. Remember when I hosted Easter and had 5 pounds of leftover ham and I ate ham everyday for a week? This was my favorite of the leftover ham meals, and it stands out in my mind because it had so many of my favorite ingredients.

Dessert: Chocolate Cake with Bailey’s Frosting and Chocolate Ganache. Two years later people are still talking about Zinni’s birthday cake, so I have to include it! Fun fact – I made this cake before I even had a food blog, and the photo was taken with the cake in the fridge. This cake might be the reason my friends and husband gave me a food blog for my birthday a couple of months later.

500th Post! A look back at my favorite posts



Thursday 6th of June 2013

Happy 500th post, Kit! We'll toast to your milestone next week! :)


Wednesday 5th of June 2013

Congrats on 500 posts - that's awesome! Keep it up, and those eggs looks great btw (:

Best, Jonathan


Wednesday 5th of June 2013


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