Exploring Boulder and Bryce Canyon, Utah

Our canyoneering adventure in Dirty Devil was the most physically demanding part of the Utah trip. The next day we started off with breakfast at Mesa Bakery – a place that our adventure guide, Chris, had recommended. Mesa Bakery is a tiny farm and bakery in Hanksville, Utah where they make their own breads, cheeses, […]

One Night in Park City, Utah

A couple weeks ago I went on a five-day trip through some of the State and National Parks in Utah with Skyscanner and Visit Utah. Before we got covered in dirt and sweat exploring the canyons and mountains in southern Utah, we spent one night in the luxurious Washington School House Hotel in Park City, and […]

Canyoneering and Capital Reef in Utah

Canyoneering is a combination of hiking, scrambling (that’s when you use your hands, feet, and bum to climb up and down mountains and canyons), and rappelling. (Think of the movie 127 hours – we were right in that area doing pretty much the same thing). I go to spinning, and I had just recently hiked […]

Exploring Salt Lake City

My latest adventure was a three-night trip to Salt Lake City. It’s not the type of place I ordinarily visit since I can’t ski, I am not very outdoorsy- but I loved it! Alt Summit, a conference for bloggers and creatives, brought me to Salt Lake and before my plane even landed I was blown […]


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