Hattie B’s Nashville

When it comes to planning my travels, I love to get recommendations from friends, and everyone kept telling me to go to Hattie B’s for Nashville Hot Chicken. We knew that there would be a line out the door (I think the line is so constant that it is practically a Nashville landmark). In an […]

Where to Eat in Nashville

Nashville is known for it’s hot fried chicken, biscuits, and barbecue. I happily indulged in Nashville’s cuisine, eating all of the city’s staples during my trip. Today I am going to tell you where to eat in Nashville. Let’s go. The first place we ate at in Nashville was Hattie B’s for Nashville Hot Fried […]

Exploring Nashville

Our recent weekend getaway to Nashville was inspired by two things. The first was Master of None, Aziz Ansari’s Netflix series. In one episode he really wants to impress his date and decides to go big and take her to Nashville for a night. The show painted Nashville as a vibrant city full of restaurants […]


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