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What to Wear on a Long Flight – My Travel Outfit

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I’ve shared my packing tips with you, and today I am talking about what to wear on a long flight. I travel internationally a few times each year, and I am at the point where I have a travel outfit that I consistently wear. It’s all about balancing function and comfort, while also optimizing the space in your carry-ons.

I am not one of those people who wears leggings as pants. But I make an exception for days when I am flying or being active. Leggings are the most comfortable thing to wear, and they are a step up from pajamas or sweatpants. Leggings are also the perfect thing to wear when you are going to be doing sporty activities on a trip. As much as I love jeans, there are times when wearing them just isn’t a good idea.

I highly recommend wearing a sports bra, it’s just way more comfortable. Then I layer a tee or tank top and a long sleeve shirt on top. I love Lululemon’s Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew shirts – they are made of a thin material similar to a mesh. They manage to keep me at just the right temperature. Another benefit to wearing leggings and workout gear is that they both wash easily. I can wash the clothing in the sink and it will usually dry almost completely overnight.

Wearing a jacket with lots of pockets is super helpful. I can keep my phone, boarding pass, and passport on me at all times. This saves me from digging around in my bag trying to find them. I bought a jacket from H&M (this one is similar) with lots of pockets and a hood. It’s ideal for travel because it is waterproof and perfect for layering.

When it comes to shoes, my strategy is to wear my bulkiest shoes. Usually, these are my hiking boots. My trips tend to involve an activity that necessitates hiking boots, and my Keen Koven Hiking Boots are really comfortable. These boots are bulky and they would take up way too much space in my suitcase, so I wear them on the flight.

Lastly, I wear my glasses. I have horrible eyesight, and it’s uncomfortable to wear contacts on a long flight, so I always wear my glasses on longer flights.

As I browse through my travel photos, I can easily find several where I am wearing my travel uniform or elements of it. It’s easy, it’s comfortable, and it’s become a routine that simplifies the packing process. I have worn the same outfit on flights, to rappel through canyons in Utah, to wander through temples in Indonesia, and explore the Golden Circle in Iceland.

Katie D

Wednesday 17th of May 2017

Great tips for traveling and gorgeous photos! I also always wear my glasses on long flights, as contacts just become unbearable!



Thursday 18th of May 2017

Contacts on a flight are the worst! Thanks for stopping by the blog!


Monday 15th of May 2017

Loved reading what you pack and it is about comfort and accessability! Enjoyed the photos too and I should get a jacket with lots of pockets as I hate digging in the purse for things. thanks for linking! jess xx


Monday 15th of May 2017

Thanks so much Jess! Find a jacket with a pocket that closes and that will hold an iPhone - it's the best!


Monday 15th of May 2017

YES!! Traveling is when your yoga pants come in handy! They are comfortable and keeps you from being too hot or too cold. Thank you for lining up with Weekend Wear

xo Mel


Monday 15th of May 2017

Definitely wearing yoga pants tomorrow :)


Friday 12th of May 2017

You are a girl after my own heart. I love what you travel in, love Lululemon, and am super jealous of all the amazing adventures you've had. So glad I stopped by. Bojana


Monday 15th of May 2017

Thank you Bojana!! I have a Lululemon obsession.

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