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What is Girl Dinner? And is it problematic?

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What is “girl dinner”? I am seeing it all over social media… and in some ways, it might be problematic.

At first glance, a “girl dinner” is a simple meal comprised of snacks that don’t require cooking. Some women are sharing images of plates filled with things like hummus, crackers, slices of cheese, nuts and fruit.

These examples of girl dinner are bit of a last resort. I know the situation. You are so busy that you don’t have the time to cook dinner, or maybe even go to the grocery store. You are so hungry that you don’t want to wait for food to be delivered. You open the fridge and fill up a plate with whatever you find.

You end up with a sad little plate of food that will fill you up, but it isn’t very fun, and it probably doesn’t include every food group.

Is this problematic? We probably shouldn’t be glamorizing the last resort meals that we turn to when we don’t have time for self care.

On the flip side, some women are sharing images of beautifully arranged trays of thoughtfully prepared food. This seems to be a reaction – and perhaps course correction – to this trend. These women aren’t quickly assembling whatever they find because they are so hungry that they need to eat immediately. Instead, they are practicing self care by putting together a meal that includes some of their favorite foods.

What’s my girl dinner? A box of Annies White Shells & Cheddar. It is my go-to emergency (or just for fun) meal. Sometimes I add in extra ingredients. Maybe some chicken with buffalo sauce. Usually just some steamed broccoli. And I always add in extra cheese.

What are your thoughts on the girl dinner trend? Is it fun? Problematic? Unnecessary?

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