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The Doppelganger Mystery

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It has come to my attention that I have a doppelganger in my neighborhood, and I want to figure out who she is.

It all started this summer. I go to the same coffee shop nearly every day, and I order the same thing: an iced vanilla latte. One day, Molly, the barista, informed me that I have a doppelganger who goes to the same coffee shop. Apparently, we look so much alike that when she asked for her usual order, they gave her mine, not the matcha she expected.

For weeks, the staff at the coffee shop and I have been joking about my lookalike. Sometimes I would have just missed her. Then, it got weirder. I go to the same Foxtrot every weekday to pick up lunch for Charles. I am always there in the morning, and I am always picking up a Cobb Salad. It’s part of my weekday routine. I was taken off-guard when one of the staff members said that she hadn’t seen me in a while and asked me where I had been. I had been there daily for weeks. She must have been thinking about the other woman.

Most shocking was when the crossing guard at Gwen’s school looked at my confused thinking that I had already been at drop off that day. Does my doppleganger have a child at the same school?

I told my next-door neighbor about my Wicker Park doppelganger, and she saw her at The Perch (my go-to local eatery) last weekend! She didn’t talk to her, though.

Last night I had a few friends over for wine and two of my friends explained that there have been times when they are just about to wave to me on the street when they realized it wasn’t me.

Still, after weeks of knowing that I have a doppelganger, I haven’t seen her! But it seems like we are living parallel lives, going to the same coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants. We seem to live in the same area and might even have kids at the same school.

Does anyone know this woman? Have you seen her?

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