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Preparing for House Guests with Minted

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Today I am sharing a little look into my home! My husband and I moved a year and a half ago, and we took our sweet time settling in, which is why it has taken me so long to post photos. Over time, we slowly purchased new furniture we loved, replacing older items and things that just didn’t fit in our new space. Finally, we filled our home with furniture, but empty spaces on our walls remained. When my parents announced that they were coming for a visit, I found motivation to tackle the problem and find art to bring our space to life.

When it comes to art, Charles and I do not see eye to eye. He is pretty opinionated, and since I have a masters in art history, I am even more particular about what goes on our walls. Luckily, Minted came to the rescue. They offered to give us some artwork, and we quickly found two prints that we loved.


I love how the print of Kelly Johnston’s “Arise” pulls all the colors in the living room together. Charles prefers abstract art, and this piece is right on the line of representational and abstract. I grew up beside the sea in Maine, and I miss the coast now that I live in Chicago, and I always gravitate towards art depicting the ocean. Johnston says that the painting was based on a photo she took when she visited the Canadian Gulf Islands. I love the rich gem tones in the work, they attract your attention and it’s a lovely centerpiece for the room.


The next order of business was finding a new print for the bedroom. We just purchased a painting which hangs on Charles’s side of the bed, but we needed something with similar colors, and in a similar size, to hang on my side. This is where Minted search function came in handy. We needed a portrait shaped artwork with blue tones, and we quickly found Jennifer Hallock’s “beauty reflects beauty“, an abstracted painting of a vast sky and clouds. Minted’s prints are available in a wide range of sizes, and we were able to pick a size similar to that of the painting on the other side of the bed. We picked a natural wood frame (there were 11 options) to match the other painting too. We love the final result – it compliments the art that was already in the room and pulls the room together.

And, guess what?! Minted has something for my readers too! You can click here to enter to win a $150 gift card!!

This post was sponsored by Minted, but the opinions expressed are my own.

Mary Beth

Wednesday 25th of November 2015

I love it and I love all your art. Did you paint your colorful self portrait? It's awesome! The walls in your bedroom look almost exact to mine. We painted it years ago and I don't have the color written down and everyone asks. Do you remember your?


Monday 30th of November 2015

Hi! We found the painting in Kansas City and bought it because it looked like me. The paint is Ralph Lauren, I am not sure what it is called.

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