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Our Fall Decor and Halloween Decorations

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I didn’t think that we would be massive spiderweb outside the house people… but I guess we are. Today I am sharing our fall decor and halloween decorations.

My family never really decorated for fall or Halloween. We carved some pumpkins and put them on the front steps. That was about it. I definitely didn’t plan on decorating our home for the season… but then Charles got really excited about it. And then I got into it and kept adding more.

The Fall Decorations Inside

I tried to keep the decor inside a bit more… sophisticated. I went a little wild outside.

The easiest way to add a little fall cheer to the living room was to change the photo on our tv to a fall photo. We picked a photo that I took in London. This isn’t a Frame TV; most recent Samsung tvs have an art mode or ambient mode that allows you to display any image of your choosing!

I filled the mantel with pumpkins, gourds, eucalyptus, and some candles. I love eucalyptus because it is inexpensive, most florists have it, and it dries very well without loosing much color.

I added some bats on the fireplace to add a spooky element to the space.

The Halloween Decorations Outside

I arranged my Letterfolk doormat to say BOO. You can rearrange the tiles to make different designs or sayings. They sell a wide range of colors too. FYI – it does need to be cleaned periodically… and having it beside mulch isn’t ideal. I definitely recommend it though.

Here is a previous design.

I bought a large Mum and a big green pumpkin at Lowe’s. The smaller pumpkins and gourds are from Jewel-Osco where they are sold in bags of 8 for $5.99 (New England friends, check Shaw’s). I found the small bats and wreath on Amazon.

Then I added in some graves and creepy zombie hands.

And… there is a massive spiderweb and giant spiders. Don’t worry, there is plenty of room to walk under the spiderweb to get into the house.

There are large pumpkins along the walkway.

And another spiderweb on the gate.

Maybe I went overboard… but it was fun and the children in the neighborhood seem to like it.

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