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Where to Order Food Delivery in Chicago v. 2


Let’s face it. When a polar vortex hits, I am not leaving home. Even if I am out of food and wine. Instead, I will rely on Chicago’s many food delivery services to bring me everything I need. Here are my recommendations for where to order food delivery in Chicago.

First off, I want to let you know about Foxtrot! They are my #1 when it comes to ordering wine to be delivered. Recently I was hosting a party and an hour before the party was starting we realized that we didn’t have enough wine. For under $150 I was able to order 8 more bottles from Foxtrot and it was delivered in just 30 minutes. Foxtrot also sells Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, Halo Top Ice Cream, Bang Bang Pie, and some basic grocery staples (think gourmet pasta and jars of sauce, cheese and crackers, etc.). They also deliver cold medicine. Foxtrot has their own app and website for ordering.


I also have a soft spot for Jet’s which make old school cafeteria-style pizza, that is amazing. The crust is nice and buttery and the cheese on the edges is really crispy. While they have both deep dish and thin crust – the deep dish (pictured above, which isn’t the Chicago-style deep dish you are probably thinking of) is the better option. The delivery time tends to be pretty quick. Jet’s Pizza is available on Postmates.


Sweet Mandy B’s Cupcakes has the most delicious cupcakes, and they are the most affordable too! Win win! They have other treats including pies, cookies, puddings, and bars too. Order them via Postmates.

Penny’s Noodle Shop has one of my favorite Pad Thai’s in Chicago. And for some reason good Pad Thai is hard to find in Chicago. Order Penny’s on Caviar.

For healthier Asian food try Glaze Teriyaki. We usually order their combo plates. I get chicken breast teriyaki with veggies and Charles likes to get double the protein with chicken breast teriyaki and steak teriyaki. It’s available on Caviar.


For tacos, I love Taco Joint. Their street corn, queso fundido, and tacos are very good. I like to order their rajas, chicken tinga, and cheese ‘n’ shrooms tacos. Order via Caviar.

If you want burritos, order from Irazu. The Costa Rican restaurant has a mix of Central American food, and their burritos are both giant and delicious.  Available via Caviar

Although I have not ordered this yet… Half Acre has a fried chicken and mac and cheese burrito. How amazing does that sound? It’s like America’s two greatest culinary achieves smashed together and rolled up in a tortilla. YES PLEASE. Available via Caviar.


If you want to order something that you can feel good about eating, order from Snap Kitchen. I love their butternut squash pasta and the spinach goat cheese scramble. Everything comes chilled, so sometimes I like to stock up on a bunch of things at once. Available via Caviar.


Eat Purely is another option for healthy food. They offer 20 minute delivery in Chicago, and their daily menu is available online and through their app. The only catch is that the food arrives cold, but it comes with easy instructions for reheating each specific meal.


Empanadas from 5411 Empanadas are a fun snack and a perfect thing to serve at a party! I especially love the mushroom thyme & blue cheese empanada. Order via Postmates.


If you want Doughnuts, Glazed and Infused delivers! Just order online from their website.

While this post is not sponsored by Caviar, I am a big fan. They have a mobile app and they do keep a record of your order history, so you can re-order from a favorite restaurant in just seconds. It’s super convenient.

Want even more delivery recommendations?! Read volume 1 of my guide here.

Maris Callahan

Sunday 29th of January 2017

I loved your first food delivery post! It totally inspired me to order Bucks Chicken!

Love Irazu, Snap Kitchen, Taco Joint, Piece. 5411Empanadas is one of our very favorite takeout options -- we live down the street from it and I won't lie, we've ordered delivery more than once.

The only one on here I'm not a fan of is Eat Purely -- I think they try too hard to check all of the "healthy" boxes (quinoa! protein! healthy oils!) and I found their food to be really greasy and the salmon dish I had did not reheat well.

But Sweet Mandy B's? Oh hell yes. :)

Kit Graham

Friday 3rd of February 2017

I hope you liked Bucks!! We are so lucky to have wonderful takeout options in Chicago.