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Maternity Essentials

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Here are the 10 maternity essentials that I have been relying on throughout my pregnancy.

I have a less is more philosophy when it comes to maternity clothing. This will be my only pregnancy (definitely not doing IVF again) so I don’t want to spend money on clothing that I will only need for a short amount of time. Here are the items that I have absolutely needed and used on a regular basis.

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My Maternity Essentials:

1. Hatch Belly Oil

I am using this belly oil to moisturize and prevent stretch marks. I love the consistency of this oil. It’s just the right thickness to spread well and to quickly absorb into my skin. It soaks into my skin right away – it’s more unlike face oil than I had anticipated. The bottle of oil has a roller ball at the end so I just roll it over my belly to apply it – which makes the potentially messy oil mess-free!

2. Slip On Shoes

I like to wear slip on shoes to the doctor because I am always taking my shoes on and off there. Since it is winter I have been wearing these Sorel booties that are weatherproof and have an excellent tread.

3. True & Co Bras

I completely outgrew my bras during the first trimester – except for my three True & Co bras. These stretch enough to fit your bust as it grows and they are machine washable. Wearing these bras has prevented me from buying several new bras as my size changes. Eventually I will transition into nursing bras.

4. Fitted Tanks

Ruched clothing doesn’t fit until you have a bump, but more fitted clothing fits right away. I was able to find affordable tanks at both Target and H&M. Wearing tanks with cardigans is a very cost effective way of dressing during pregnancy.

5. Compression Socks

My doctor told me to wear these when I fly. Many companies make compressions socks – I got mine from Bombas. I like to shop at Bombas because for every item they sell they donate an item to the homeless.

6. Non-Maternity Dresses that Accommodate a Growing Bump

I’d rather not spend money on items that I will only be able to wear for a limited amount of time, so I have found some non-maternity dresses that I can where both during and after my pregnancy. These four options are all from H&M and range in price from $35-70. Green Chiffon Dress, Airy Shirt Dress in Army Green, Tie Detail Black and White Dress, and Wide Cut Chiffon Dress in Light Pink.

7. Under the Belly Jeans

First I bought the Madewell maternity jeans that go over the bump, the issue with these was that there was a long period of time when my regular jeans were too small and I didn’t have enough of a bump for the over the bump jeans to fit. These jeans were my one splurge item, I wanted to invest in a good pair knowing that I would wear them throughout pregnancy and again after the baby is born. Here is a more affordable option.

8. Pregnancy Pillow

My friends Jenn and Bob very kindly gifted me this pillow immediately after I told them that I am expecting. This massive pillow helps me to make sure that I am sleeping on my side since after the 20 week mark you aren’t supposed to be sleeping on your back.

9. Preggie Pop Drops

I wish that I found out about these sooner. These sour lozenges help to ease nausea. There are two types, one has vitamin B6 and one does not.

10. Lululemon Align Leggings

These are worth every penny and you can wear them before, during, and after pregnancy. They fit over the growing bump and they fit well enough that you don’t end up with the dreaded saggy crotch. I also loved wearing these when I was doing IVF since the soft waistband didn’t irritate the area of my abdomen where I had to do the injections – plus when I was doing progesterone in oil shots I could easily ice my bum by putting an ice pack down my leggings.

Yes, I have tried other brands of leggings but they just aren’t as good and they do tend to get saggy.

This list of maternity essentials isn’t sponsored; these are just genuine recommendations. Affiliate links are used throughout.

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