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Kennebunkport in July

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When you grow up in a town filled with beauty, you can take it for granted. I returned to my hometown, Kennebunkport, for the Fourth of July. I was greeted with salty breezes from the sea, sunny skies, the soft sound of birds singing, and the tide slowly rolling away.
I do love Chicago and its endless energy, but sometimes I long for the simple way of small town life. I love wandering through town with my Dad who is constantly saying hello to everyone he knows. He waves out the car window at friends when driving, he kayaks over to say hi, we even pulled over to the sidewalk while riding his scooter to talk to a friend; he knows everyone and it must take him forever to do his errands because talking to everyone takes a while. The pace of small town life is slower and knowing everyone in town is the charm of it. These are the things you miss when you live in the city. You can go to the same coffee shop a hundred times and order the same thing and no one will ever learn your order. There are times when big city life can make you feel so small.
Kennebunkport has more than small town charm, it is one of the most beautiful towns I know. Many of my friends fell in love with Kennebunkport when they came to town for my wedding last year. Here are a few snapshots from my quick (30 hours) in town.








Sunday 7th of July 2013

Gorgeous! I am dying to visit Maine!


Saturday 6th of July 2013

What a lovely place to grow up! Gorgeous.

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