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How To Host A Spring Brunch

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Spring has arrived and it is time to celebrate! Whether you are planning a birthday party, a baby shower, or Mother’s Day brunch with family, these tips will show you have you don’t have to break the bank – or spend lots of time in the kitchen to create a memorable meal and event. The cost for this brunch, including decorations was under $75. The recipes can be accomplished with basic cooking skills, and they don’t require many ingredients. Fear not – your guests will be so impressed they will never suspect how easy it was to prepare this party!


Less is more when you have beautiful and vibrantly colored food. We chose flowers as our centerpiece and a couple of additional items that coincided with the colors of the flowers we chose. It helps tie everything back together! We spent only $20 on decorations, proving you can throw a beautiful party on a budget!


Choosing a color scheme with a variety of bright colors meant that we could mix and match platters and decorations we already had with some that we purchased for the brunch.


It’s the little things at a brunch that make the biggest difference! These striped napkins add another color to our palette and brought out the colors of the sprinkles that we placed them by.


The easiest way to draw attention to your table is to choose a beautiful bouquet of flowers as the centerpiece. It’s quick and easy and will make the room smell incredible with your food.


We chose some cobalt blue patterned dishes to add another pop of color. Mixing and matching dishes is a way to keep things fun without being too formal.


Pour juice into a pitcher to dress it up a bit. We picked up a pitcher at our grocery store for just a few dollars and will be able to reuse it for future parties.


We placed each dish in it’s own corner of the table with a good amount of space in between so that guests could help themselves without bumping into one another. Small dishes are great for serving syrups and dressings so that you don’t have to set the bottles out.


If you don’t have time to make individual place cards for the food and can use butcher paper like we did, the paper serves as the perfect background for your food labels. You can use combinations of cursive, lowercase and capital letters to create more interesting labels all with a Sharpie or permanent marker. Use arrows pointing toward your dish to add an additional fun touch.


Before your guests arrive, place all dishes that can be served at room temperature out on your table. For dishes that need to be served warm, arrange them on oven-safe serving platters so you can keep them warm in your oven and then take them straight to the table when you are ready to serve brunch.

Want the recipes? Check back tomorrow!

This post was originally published on Coca-Cola Journey in collaboration with Christine from The View from 5ft2.

Paige V.

Wednesday 23rd of April 2014

Looks awesome! Thanks for the great tips! :)

Kate Zitzer

Wednesday 23rd of April 2014

So cute Kit! You guys did a great job! I love hosting parties but I tend to keep the recipes pretty simple and then overdo it on the decorating :)

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