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Holiday Movie Bingo!

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Holiday Movie Bingo! Your cheesy holiday movie watching just got better. Pour some wine, light a fire, pick a movie from this list of 140 Holiday Movies to Stream, and play some bingo.

The predictability of Christmas movies is one of the reasons why I love them so much. They tend to follow one of a few plot lines. They all seem to involve a snowy small town with a business that needs saving. For that reason, this game of bingo is very winnable. Depending on the movie, all the cards might be able to get bingo!

These bingo cards are different from the ones I created two years ago for Hallmark Movie Bingo – so you could print those out to get 10 different bingo cards.

Holiday Movie Bingo Cards:

By clicking on each card, a new tab will open and you can print or save from there. I recommend printing the cards, keeping them by your tv, and using something to place on the cards to mark the squares. This way you can reuse the cards throughout the holiday season. If you use the cards – I would love to know! Just tag me on Instagram @thekittchen.

Holiday Movie Bingo | A set of six unique bingo cards that go along with cheesy holiday movies. #bingo #hallmarkmovies #christmasmovies
Holiday Movie Bingo - 6 bingo cards
6 Unique Holiday Movie Bingo Cards - it's a way to make Christmas movie night even more fun.
Christmas Movie Bingo Cards - 6 unique bingo cards to turn movie night into game night!
6 Christmas Movie Bingo Cards
Holiday Movie Bingo - 6 different bingo cards so you can play a game while you watch Christmas movies!

If you don’t have a printer, save the images to your phone and then use the edit function to check off the boxes as you go!

Do you need some movie recommendations? Here are some of my favorites:

I will admit that I watch a hearty amount of Christmas movies each year. I do love the classics like Love Actually, The Holiday, While You Were Sleeping, and The Family Stone but here are some you may not have seen yet.

A Very Country Christmas: A country star seeks peace and quiet from stardom in a small town and meets a local aspiring interior designer/single mom.

Christmas Inheritance: A woman at a big company is sent to a small town to deliver a letter.

Christmas Perfection: A woman’s Christmas village springs to life in an alternate reality.

No Sleep ‘Til Christmas: A big city event planner struggles with sleep deprivation while she tries to plan her own wedding. Fun fact: the stars of this film are married in real life.

Noelle: Santa’s daughter needs to step in when her brother (the next Santa) runs off.

Godmothered: An aspiring godmother tries to help a single mother find her true love.

Just Friends: A man falls for his high school best friend when he goes home for the holiday.

A Christmas Prince: A big city journalist is sent to a small kingdom to cover a story about the Prince and the story takes some fun turns. It’s cheesy in all the best ways.

The Christmas Switch: A baker travels to a small kingdom for a baking contest… and it turns out she looks just like the Princess!

The Knight Before Christmas: This one involves a time-traveling knight.

Or, check out my list of 140 Holiday Movies to Stream!

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