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Creating an Urban Oasis with Cost Plus World Market

Creating an Urban Oasis with Cost Plus World Market

World Market Urban Oasis-5

When we moved to a bigger home two years ago I wasn’t sure how to decorate our front balcony, but Charles had a pretty clear idea. He wanted a two-person hammock, and although I wasn’t immediately sold on the idea, I was willing to give it a go for a year. And of course, I spent hours in that hammock last year – writing, napping, reading, sipping on wine. It turns out that having a hammock in a spot with a solid WiFi connect is a glorious thing.

We purchased the hammock and its stand from Cost Plus World Market. It’s the first place I shop for furniture and home décor. I bought our side table and dining room table from World Market, in addition to plates, glasses, and props for photography. Their products are both affordable but high quality. This year, knowing that the hammock was on the balcony for good, I wanted to see how I could transform the somewhat cold and unwelcoming space into an Urban Oasis. I turned to my friends at Cost Plus World Market we teamed up to make my urban oasis balcony dream come true.

World Market Urban Oasis Before and After

The first order of business was to add some lighting. Even though the balcony has to lantern lamps, it was too dark to hang out there after the sun set. I chose to hang two strands of Clear Bulb String Lights from the roof of the balcony, and then I hung Multicolor Rattan Orb Lights around the doorway. The lighting adds personality, romance, and a little pop of color to the space.

Next I needed to do something about the concrete floor. Not only was it always cold, it wasn’t very attractive either. The solution was easy, I purchased the Yellow Citron Gabriella Reversible Floor Mat. Several different designs are available in different sizes and it completely transformed the space. The floor mat is made of a material that won’t get wet, and can handle unpredictable weather, so I can leave it out on the balcony all summer without needing to worry about it.

World Market Urban Oasis-6

Then I needed to give some life to the space by adding flowers. I chose Small Green Geometric Planters that are light so they can easily be moved inside. When you live in Chicago, this is very important since it can literally be 65 and sunny one day and snowing the next. When the temperatures do drop I just move the plants indoors so they don’t succumb to the cold.

The last step was to hang the hammock. It easily rolls up so it can be stored inside during colder months, and it can be put away on rainy days too. The hammock hangs up easily; it’s a one-person task and it takes about 30 seconds.

World Market Urban Oasis-8

Now I am loving the bright colorful space. While it once felt lifeless and unwelcoming now it feels cozy and inviting. The balcony is ready for summer… and I am very eagerly awaiting some warmer temperatures. There is absolutely nothing better than taking a hammock nap on a warm sunny day, and the Chicago wind has a way of swaying the hammock perfectly.

Thank you to Cost Plus World Market for sponsoring this post, and for understanding when I needed to push back the deadline when it decided to snow in April in Chicago.