A Simple, Honest Braised Turkey

Brining a Thanksgiving turkey is a lot easier than you might think. Plus, it keeps your turkey moist and adds lots of flavor. I created a simple, no-fail citrus and tea brine that can be put together in just minutes. I brined my turkey for 24 hours using just a mixture of Honest Tea, Simply […]

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes

  Mashed potatoes are the most popular Thanksgiving side dish. They are the one thing that everyone puts on their plate – which means that you need an exceptional recipe. My parents make the best most delicious, creamy, cheesy Thanksgiving mashed potatoes. Since I moved to Chicago I have been bringing these mashed potatoes to Friendsgiving and […]

Roasted Carrots, the Easiest Thanksgiving Side Dish

Carrots are one of those vegetables that almost everyone loves. This recipe for roasted carrots can be pulled together with just five minutes of preparation time, and 45 minutes of cook time. The carrots are slathered in butter, seasoned with pepper, and roasted beside the turkey. The carrots will soak up the turkey drippings, loading […]

Roasted Beets with Goat Cheese and Honey and Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

  I am going to be sharing Thanksgiving recipes and tips all week in preparation for my favorite holiday. I already shared my Thanksgiving tablescape, and today I have a really simple recipe for roasted beets with goat cheese and honey. Beets have an earthy flavor and can be a bit of an acquired taste, […]

Boston Baked Beans

These Boston Baked Beans are served alongside Roast Ham at my family’s Christmas Eve party. This recipe has salt pork and sweet molasses, making it the perfect dish for someone who loves the sweet and salt flavor combination. These Boston Baked Beans are one of several side dishes at the annual party. We also serve […]

Chocolate Silk Pie

This is my favorite pie. By far. Trust me on this one. This smooth chocolatey pie has been a staple at Graham family gatherings for at least 15 years. I was reluctant to make it because I was afraid it would lose that special only-on-special-occassions feeling. I finally caved in and made it for a […]

3 Ingredient Green Bean Casserole

Green bean casserole is a Thanksgiving staple. I love it so much I put it on sandwiches with leftover turkey the day after thanksgiving – with mashed potatoes of course! This recipe is super simple. With just three ingredients and just a couple of minutes preparation time, it doesn’t get much easier than this. You […]

Tuesday Tips: Jack’s Turkey Tips volume 2

I am proud to say that this is my 300th post! With Thanksgiving just 3 days away I am posting more turkey tips. My Dad, Jack, called me on Sunday with some more advice to share with my readers. Here is a true nugget of Jack wisdom: “Like any good carpenter, plan your last task […]

Sausage and Challah Bread Stuffing

I just made 15 pounds of mashed potatoes – which means Friendsgiving is today! This is one of my favorite events of the year. My friend Andrea has hosted the event for seven years. In that time it has grown to include almost 40 people, and a few little ones. Before I head over to […]

Thanksgiving Leftovers

There are so many options for Thanksgiving leftovers above and beyond sandwiches and repeats of Thanksgiving dinner. Here are some of my favorite recipes made with Thanksgiving leftovers. Some of the dishes can be frozen and enjoyed later if you are tired of turkey. Turkey Soup – My favorite way to use up the leftovers […]

Bacon Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Goat Cheese

I first discovered Bacon Wrapped Dates at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba in Chicago. My friends ordered them and insisted that I try them. I am not one of those people who goes nuts over bacon, but these are wonderful. Crisp bacon and a date stuffed with cheese. Some recipes online do not include the cheese […]

Broccoli Salad

I must admit I have a very difficult time calling a recipe that involves bacon and mayonnaise a salad. It reminds me of Mrs. Eriksen’s Seven Layer Salad on How I Met Your Mother, which involved iceberg lettuce, carrots, cabbage, ground beef, funyuns, potato chips, and gummy bears with a thick layer of mayonnaise between […]


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