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Where I Shop for Gwen | Best Baby Clothing Brands

Gwen has a better wardrobe than me. Shopping for baby girl clothing is just too much fun. I get questions about Gwen’s outfits all the time, so I thought that I would share the best baby clothing brands that I have discovered.

Some of these brands are a little pricy. I justify it by buying fewer outfits so that each outfit gets more wear. I don’t save special outfits for special occasions, instead I want Gwen to wear each outfit as much as possible to reduce the cost per wear. Lastly, I do what I can to prevent staining. Gwen eats breakfast in pajamas and sometimes I let her eat dinner in a diaper to keep clothing clean. This way I can pass Gwen’s clothing on to friends and family in the future.

What to Know About Buying Baby Clothes:

I want to point out that the sizing for baby clothing is all over the place. Often, it runs big. In particular, I find that sweaters usually run very big. At 12 months old Gwen fits perfectly in size 3-6 month sweaters (she is right in the 50 percentile for weight). I have also found that the difference between size 2-4 month baby shorts and size 12 month baby shorts is minuscule. Some brands run big, I find that this is true of Zara.

Best Baby Clothing Brands:

The Blueberry Hill

This hat and sweater are from The Blueberry Hill. It’s the place to find high quality knitwear. Plus, they make matching hats for Mamas and babies! I discovered this brand at Daytrip, Jr in Kennebunkport.


Noralee sells stunning dresses for babies and girls. You can also shop this brand at Daytrip, Jr and on the brand’s website.


I absolutely adore this brand, but it can be hard to find. Usually I shop for Monbebe at Greenberry Kids which is based in the UK. It’s pricy, but Greenberry Kids has sales periodically. I have been buying sale items at the end of the season for the next year.


H&M is affordable and has all the essentials in addition to some fun pieces. When I was shopping for newborn clothing, I bought lots of multipacks of onesies from H&M. I also have found really cute knee socks with bows at H&M – cute baby socks are harder to find than you might expect.

Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson is the place for matching pajamas for the whole family.

Everly Grey

This brand makes matching Mommy and Me pajamas that are super soft. I wore the pajamas and matching robe throughout my third trimester, at the hospital, and during my first few months of motherhood. We loved the brand so much that we bought extra nightgowns for Gwen – the design is ideal for changing diapers in the middle of the night.


Another brand that I shop at Greenberry Kids, Aosta makes lots of dresses with dainty floral patterns.

Angel Dear

I love this brand’s rompers, dresses, and bubble outfits.


Zara’s baby clothing is so good. They have fun basics but also great dresses.


As the brand name suggests, there are ruffles on the butt of Rufflebutt’s onesies and bathing suits.

Baby Gap

Putting footie pajamas on Gwen became a challenging task so we switched to two piece pajamas from Baby Gap and it’s made our lives easier.


I try to limit my Amazon purchases, but that is where I found this darling tutu. I bought the tutu for Gwen’s newborn photos and it still fit for her first birthday. I also bought the headband and crown in the below photos from Amazon.


Etsy is my go-to for finding adorable bows.

This post isn’t sponsored. There are some affiliate links throughout.