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What’s The Best Trip You Have Taken?

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What’s the most amazing trip you have been on? I want to know so you can help me plan 2016’s travel adventures! I traveled a bunch in 2015, and I loved every second, so I figure that I should keep on traveling in 2016. Of course I will bring you along (virtually). Sound good? Now I just need to make some travel decisions, and I am hoping you can help me.

I already have a few trips planned. I am heading to Park City tomorrow for Alt Summit and in October I will attending another conference in Austin. In the spring Charles and I will be flying to London to meet our soon-to-be-born niece! We will be going to Maine to visit my family too, but other than that – I have nothing planned!

I have lots of ideas spinning in my head… so let’s take a this-or-that approach.

Should I go to Madison or Milwaukee? Even though I live in Chicago, I haven’t explored much of the Midwest. These cities are close, making them prime locations for a weekend getaway.

Nashville or New Orleans? I love food and good music, and these cities have both. Charles seems more interested in New Orleans, but I could do a girls trip to Nashville instead. I should note that I love the tv show Nashville.

Turkey or Croatia? I have heard the most amazing things about both countries. I know that there are some safety concerns in Turkey right now, so that might make my decision for me. We will definitely be in London in the spring, and this could be a side trip.

Sweden or Iceland? Iceland might be an easy trip since Icelandair offers stopovers lasting up to 7 nights for no extra charge. So we could fly Icelandair to Europe and stop in Iceland without paying any extra airfare. I know it’s silly, but I watched the show Welcome to Sweden and the landscape was so gorgeous it made me want to visit.

Argentina or Peru? A few people I know have been to Patagonia recently and the photos are stunning. Yeah, it’s cold, but it would be a once in a lifetime adventure. Charles is a bit concerned that Patagonia would be a bit outdoorsy. Or, Machu Picchu in Peru would have adventure without the cold temps, and it has been on my bucket list. This might end up being a 2017 trip, it all depends on if we go to Europe once or twice in 2016.

I think those are enough ideas to last us a couple of years. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I would also love to know what the best trip you have ever taken was – I always want to hear about more destinations to add to my list.

Maya McDonald

Wednesday 20th of January 2016

Wait, you have nothing planned? Obviously let's go on adventures together :) xx

Katie @ Live Half Full

Wednesday 20th of January 2016

Both Madison and Milwaukee are fun but Milwaukee's food is the best! We go there quite often to mix things up. Also, Croatia is beautiful! I've been there twice and would recommend it. :)


Tuesday 19th of January 2016

I went to Japan about, wow, 6 years ago now with my husband and it was hands down the best trip we ever went on. My tip is to stay in ryokans rather than western hotels.

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Erin's Inside Job

Tuesday 19th of January 2016

My honeymoon was to the Maldives and Dubai and it was definitely a trip of a lifetime. I make sure to check out travel deals on sites like Groupon all the time bc that's how we scored our honeymoon. Good luck in your planning!

Kelly in the City

Tuesday 19th of January 2016

I'm the same way -- Haven't explored much of the midwest. Though goodness, I LOVE following along on your adventures! HAVE FUN!

Kelly | Kelly in the City

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