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Waking Up with Lavazza

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This morning a gorgeous Italian man sang to me as I woke up. And no it wasn’t a dream, and Charles probably would have been jealous if he wasn’t stuck in Buffalo. This morning thanks to Lavazza I had a viral wake up meeting with their spokesperson Mr. Buongiorno in Milan. It was quite the morning.

A few weeks ago, Lavazza reached out to me and asked if I would be a part of their Buongiorno campaign. Charles has a serious Lavazza obsession. He goes out of his way, walking several blocks past other coffee shops, in the Chicago cold for Lavazza coffee. A few years ago I bought Charles an espresso machine for Christmas and I visited Lavazza to stock up on espresso for him. Charles even bought Lavazza espresso cups to create an authentic Lavazza experience at home.


Since Lavazza is the coffee of choice in my home, I was excited to be a part of the Buongiorno campaign and to see what Lavazza had in store. I wasn’t given too many details, they wanted everything to be a surprise. Yesterday a giant box arrived and inside I found a Keurig coffee maker, a digital alarm clock, Lavazza’s collection of K-Cup packs, Buongiorno mugs, and some other treats. I was happy to see Lavazza coffee in K-Cup packs since Keurig machines are so fast and easy to use. The espresso machine that I bought Charles takes a while to get going so we have only been using it on weekends.


The Keurig and the K-Cups are perfect for daily use. I am not a morning person my goal is always to sleep as late as possible and to hurry out the door as fast as I can. This morning routine meant that I wasn’t having coffee at home. The Keurig and the Lavazza K-Cups are going to be a game changer because it’s so fast that I will have the time to have coffee at home. I usually drink espresso, and I have been loving the Perfetto espresso roast coffee which has the richness and intensity of espresso. It’s some of the best drip coffee I have ever had, and certainly the best coffee I have ever made.


When I received my package I was told to set my alarm clock for the usual time, 7:45, and to be prepared for a surprise. I was woken up by Mr. Buongiorno, singing from a rooftop in Milan. Buongiorno is Italian for “good morning”, but its meaning extends beyond that. People say it all day long. When I studied in Florence I heard it all the time – it is a way of welcoming you and wishing you a good day. Today’s wake up call, and my mug of Perfetto espresso roast got this day off to a great start, and was a fun way to introduce Lavazza’s K-Cups to my daily routine.


Lavazza’s K Cups are available for sale on their website for $11.99 and would be a great gift for the coffee lover. Lavazza has 5 coffee shops in Chicago, two in the Loop, one in the French Market, one in Eataly, and one at the Drake Hotel.

This post was sponsored by Lavazza, but the opinions expressed are my own (and in this case, my husband’s too).

Christine Rosko

Thursday 4th of December 2014

I love Lavazza coffee. I buy their K-Cups since I don't get it in the shop too often.

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