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Tacos I Ate

Let’s face it. I have a taco addiction. Here is an album of tacos I ate this week.

The first taco is carne asada from the South Beach Bar and Grill in Ocean City. The cost was a mere $3.50!


The next tacos are from my friends favorite taco stand. Don’t be shocked by how pale Adam and I are. These tacos were excellent- just enough spicy sauce and avocado sauce. I also loved the atmosphere, it felt like a cowboy hangout. The tacos were only $2.



This chicken taco was my favorite of the trip. I had two.


This is a spicy beef taco. It is Adam’s favorite.


The next stop on the taco tour of Baja was Coronado Brewing Company. I tried the Carnitas tacos, which were huge. The chipotle sour cream was a nice touch.


There you have it, 7 tacos in three days. For the record, I also had guacamole and a torta at O’Hare on my trip out to California. I could never eat too much Mexican food.

shae pendleton

Monday 27th of May 2013

Yum! We're huge taco fans around here, those look delicious!