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How to make night in at home feel more like a date

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Today Nicole A. Willis from Next Date Chicago is guest blogging! Nicole’s blog is all about Chicago date ideas, and she offers a service planning custom dates for couples. Tonight Charles and I are going on a fun date night planned by Nicole – and I will be guest blogging a recap on Next Date Chicago. Her date planning service is a great way to try something new, and to enjoy a night out without having to plan anything. We are definitely going to be using her service in the future.

Without further adieu – here are Nicole’s ideas on how to have a special date night at home – and be sure to check out Next Date Chicago. Enjoy!

1. Cook together, emphasis on the together. This is not another night where one is throwing everything together while the other just sets the table. It’s an activity for both of you to enjoy and learn from!

2. Choose a completely new dish. It need not be challenging, but pick something neither of you has cooked before that intrigues you. Maybe you’ve never prepared pork tenderloin, or tried your hands at Thai.

3. Create the scene. Put on some music that’ll put you both in the cooking mood, whether it’s something jazzy like Frank Sinatra or Esmeralda Spalding, or ethnic to match the cuisine you’re cooking. For authentic ethnic tunes, search the country in Spotify and start a new station based off a compilation album.

4. Ditch the table. Set up an indoor picnic in the living room with a thick blanket and candles. Don’t feel obligated to use nice china and wine glasses — plastic ones work fine and will contribute to the rustic, romantic theme. Bonus points if you have a patio or deck and weather permits.

5. Do something after dinner that you normally wouldn’t. Take a bubble bath (with aforementioned candles, relocated), play a game of Scrabble or poker, or stargaze in your backyard or off your balcony, using one of these NY Times-recommended apps. You could also open up your laptop and find a YouTube instructional video for relaxing yoga or upbeat Zumba.

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