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Easy Ways to Save Space in a Suitcase

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Thanks to these easy ways to save space in a suitcase, I bring only a carry on on my trips. I think it is the easiest way to travel. Whether you want to go carry on only, or just save some space, these tips will make packing for your next trip a little bit easier.

Easy Ways to Save Space in a Suitcase - A simple guide to making packing easier.

I almost always travel with a carry on only. When I travel I tend to go to a few different cities, and it is so much easier to pack light. Lugging multiple bags makes me feel weighed down. Plus, when you only bring a carry on your luggage won’t get lost. I even brought only a carry on when I went on a 22-day trip to Portugal, Spain, Morocco, and Charleston. These are my favorite easy ways to save space in a suitcase.


Pack fewer pairs of shoes – Shoes take up too much space. The best way to save space in your suitcase if to bring fewer pairs of shoes. I try to only bring two pairs of shoes when I travel. I usually bring 1 pair of sneakers and one pair of booties that can be worn with jeans or a dress. Ballet flats are a nice alternative to booties. And I only bring shoes that are comfortable and broken in. Keep in mind that you usually end up walking a lot more than usual when you are traveling – especially if you are heading to a city. If I absolutely have to, I will pack a pair of dressier heels, but I do my best to avoid this.

Fill your shoes with socks – Take advantage of every bit of space by filling your shoes up with socks.

Wear your biggest pair of shoes – Save room by wearing the pair of shoes that takes up the most space.

This beach vacation packing list will help you prepare for sun and sand. This is the time of year when I am ready to escape Chicago’s chilly temps and relax on the beach. I am probably not the only person who feels that way.


Roll your clothing – I don’t understand the science behind it, but you can fit more clothing in a suitcase when you roll the clothing than when you just fold it.

Packing Cubes – If you really want to save space in a suitcase you can place the rolled clothing in packing cubes. Another reason why I like packing cubes is because they are a nice way to separate dirty clothing and clean clothing.

Pack dresses – Dress are complete outfits, and they don’t take up much space! Dresses with tights and a blazer are a classic outfit that can be worn anywhere and dresses take up less space than pants and a top. I always pack a black dress or two when I am traveling.

Pack a blazer – Blazers are super versatile can we worn as a jacket, and they can be worn over a dress or with jeans. A classic black blazer is something that I bring on every trip.

Choose pants wisely – Jeans and black pants go with everything and can be re-worn. I usually bring two pairs of jeans and one pair of black pants when I travel.

Only Pack things you use and not things you have never worn – Don’t fall for the idea of packing something you have never worn “just in case”. If you haven’t worn it at home, you aren’t going to wear it when you are away. And chances are that you haven’t worn it because it doesn’t fit quite right.

Everything Else

Pack less makeup – Fill contact lens cases with makeup, moisturizer, and other liquids. This takes up less space than bringing full bottles.

Pack makeup samples – I love saving those packets of moisturizer, shampoo, and conditioner samples to bring on trips. Perfume samples are great too!

Call your hotel and ask if they have a hair straightener – Often hotels have a hair straightener available, you might just need to borrow it from the front desk. Call your hotel before you leave and see if you can skip bringing your own straightener. Oh, and maybe check out some YouTube tutorials and learn how to curl your hair with a straightener, I have been doing this for years and I love just bringing one hair tool on trips.

One Handbag is Enough – If you need versatility, check out Henri Bendel’s bags that have a zip off clutch. Or pack a bag that converts from a satchel to a backpack.

Ebooks – I like to read on flights, but I download ebooks to my iPhone which saves a good amount of space.

Wireless Headphones – I recently invested in AirPods, because I have never met an Apple product that I didn’t want to own. AirPods are so tiny, and since they are wireless they don’t get tangled in your bag. Plus they are great for running too. Leave your big noise cancelling headphones at home and opt for a smaller pair.

Do you have any easy ways to save space in a suitcase to share? I would love to hear them in the comments!

Easy Ways to Save Space in Your Suitcase - tips that will change the way you pack!

Betsy Glenn

Saturday 23rd of June 2018

Great tips! I use a number of these when I pack too. I like to try and wear my more bulky pair of shoes during the flight that way they don't take up room in my bag.

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