14 Item Travel Capsule Wardrobe: these 14 items can be used to create 25 + outfits and everything fits in one carry-on suitcase!

Simplify packing. Pack just 14 classic staples with accessories and other essentials to create 25+ outfits to wear on a trip. 

Jeans, a crisp white tank, a black blazer, and black booties are all wardrobe staples that can be styled many ways. Perfect for travel.

On a chilly day, a black shift dress can be worn with a white button down and a sweater. You could even add tights.

Or, for a more formal look, wear that same black dress with a black blazer. It's a chic wear anywhere outfit. 

Is there an easier outfit than a breton stripe shirt and jeans? This is a look that will never go out of style. 

When you layer a blazer over a jumpsuit it looks more like a dress and it can be worn to a more formal restaurant or event. 

One pair of black pants and a nice blouse create a nicer outfit. Suede flats are practical for days with lots of walking around. 

How cute is this black shift dress layered with a tied striped shirt and a colorful cardigan? Keep it casual with sneakers. 

The same items of clothing can be reused to create new outfits. Choosing classic, not trendy, pieces is key. 

The clothing items from the capsule wardrobe easily fit in carry-on suitcase with essentials like a jacket, shoes, and a bathing suit.