Boozy Holiday Milkshakes

Dessert cocktails are a simple and fun addition to holiday celebrations. Serving dessert cocktails, like these Boozy Holiday Milkshakes, is an easy way to kill two birds with one stone. These milkshakes are a dessert on their own, but they would also pair beautifully with anything chocolate. The best part is that you only need […]

What to Bring to a Holiday Party: Raspberry White Chocolate Cupcakes with Mascarpone Frosting

Raspberry White Chocolate Cupcakes with Mascarpone Frosting is a dessert just a wonderful as it sounds, and a perfect addition to your holiday party menu. I have spent the past few weeks writing about desserts to bring to a holiday party, I covered my favorite store bought chocolate treats, halfway homemade desserts, and I shared […]

What to Bring to a Holiday Party: Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Bark

It’s that time of year when everyone’s calendars are sprinkled with holiday parties. To get in a festive spirit, I have been sharing a collection of desserts to bring to – or serve at – at holiday party. We started off simple with some store-bought favorites, and then moved along to halfway homemade desserts that utilize […]

Andes Candy Hot Cocoa

The first snow of the season has fallen, Christmas trees are up, and Santa made his appearance at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This means that it is officially Christmastime, and Christmastime calls for hot cocoa. Hot cocoa is so easy to prepare, that you should always be making it from scratch. […]

What to Bring to a Holiday Party: Halfway Homemade Desserts

Ready for the next installment of What to Bring to a Holiday Party? I already shared my favorite store bought chocolates, and today I have two holiday dessert recipes that use brownie mixes to reduce the preparation time. The thing about using a mix is that no one will know, unless you tell them! I am […]

Thanksgiving Leftovers Turkey Soup

In most households the day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday, a day filled with shopping. At my parents’ home the day after Thanksgiving is soup day. My father makes the most incredible soup using the leftover turkey from Thanksgiving and it is something we look forward to every year. This year I attempted […]

Roasted Carrots, the Easiest Thanksgiving Side Dish

Carrots are one of those vegetables that almost everyone loves. This recipe for roasted carrots can be pulled together with just five minutes of preparation time, and 45 minutes of cook time. The carrots are slathered in butter, seasoned with pepper, and roasted beside the turkey. The carrots will soak up the turkey drippings, loading […]

Brussels Sprout, Bacon, Shallot, Goat Cheese Pasta

  Ready for a quick and easy pasta recipe with some fun fall flavors? I love creating pasta based on the bits of ingredients I find in my fridge, which is just what inspired this Brussels Sprout, Bacon, Shallot, Goat Cheese Pasta. This can be made in just 25 minutes, making it a great pick for a […]

Open Squash Ravioli

There are some meals that I will never forget. One of those meals is the open butternut squash ravioli from Apizz in New York City. The restaurant is tucked away on Eldridge Street, a quieter section of the Lower East Side. The small one room restaurant, with a roaring wood fire oven, is cozy and […]

Bacon Mozzarella Benedict

Having houseguests is the perfect reason to cook a fancy breakfast. My sister and her boyfriend recently came to visit and this Bacon Mozzarella Benedict was inspired by my sister’s boyfriend’s love of poached eggs and his obsession with bacon. I added a mozzarella sauce because I am a firm believer that cheese makes everything […]

Pear, Pomegranate, and Goat Cheese Salad (plus a Door to Door Organics Giveaway!)

Healthy eating and a busy lifestyle have a tendency to clash. My new favorite way to save time and to eat fresh healthy food is my Door to Door Organics subscription. It saves me a trip to the store and brings fruits, vegetables, and other essentials straight to my doorstep each week. Just check out the […]

Lemon Sage Chicken

Short on time? This Lemon Sage Chicken recipe is just what you need. There are times when my recipes aren’t exactly planned out, they just come together based on what I find in my fridge. This recipe is a perfect example of that. The chicken was poached in butter, white wine, and lemon, and seasoned […]

Kabocha Squash and Ricotta Bruschetta

   Remember how I was talking about roasting squash the other day? I went overboard, and now my fridge is filled with squash, which means that I am coming up with fun new ways to eat it. This kabocha squash and ricotta bruschetta is my version of the incredible appetizer served at The Pump Room […]

The Easiest Way To Roast Squash

The hardest part of preparing squash is slicing the squash. It is so hard, dense, and awkwardly shaped that it can be dangerous to cut. Recently I tried cooking squash a new, much easier way. Instead of struggling to slice the squash, place the entire squash in the oven, and bake it until soft, and […]

The Ultimate Cheesy Sriracha Nachos

I am not sure why, but I always have lots of cheese, and lots of tortilla chips at home. One lazy Sunday it occurred to me that the best way to utilize these ingredients was to make a giant plate of nachos. We called it dinner. It wasn’t the healthiest dinner, but we loved every […]

Ketchipotle Bison Chili

The chilly fall weather, the colorful leaves, and the football on tv inspired me to make chili for the first time this fall. There is something wonderful about the scent of chili simmering on the stove. If you haven’t tried bison yet, you should. It is similar to beef, but it is a leaner meat. […]


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