El Blok, Vieques

We spent 6 days in Puerto Rico, and discovered two restaurants worthy of their own blog posts. Overall, the food in Puerto Rico is quite good (far better than Belize) but two restaurants stood out from the crowd. Remember how we ended up at Santaella after we couldn’t get into Jose Enrique? Well, Jose Enrique […]

Vieques, Puerto Rico

Vieques is a small little slice of paradise just a short ferry away from Puerto Rico. There are two main towns on the island, Isabel II (pronounced Isabel secundo) on the North, and the larger and livelier Esperanza in the South. It’s just a 15 minute drive from one to the other and a trip […]

Santaella, San Juan

“Don’t talk to me right now. This sandwich and I are having a moment.” On our second night in San Juan, Charles and I followed the recommendations given to us by Caroline from Spoon Food Tours. She said that at night the fruit market turns into a giant street party, and that two excellent restaurants […]

Old San Juan & Spoon Food Tours

I will be sharing more stories from my trip over the next few weeks – I’m taking you on a virtual vacation to San Juan and Vieques. We will go on a food focused exploration of the sunny islands. It seems like the perfect way to wait out the rest of winter. For more information […]


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