Monforte d’Alba

I saved three photo filled posts from Europe to share in the dead of winter to feed your wanderlust. Today we are exploring Monforte d’Alba, a tiny Italian village nestled in the hills of Piedmont. When we checked into our hotel in the nearby Pollenza, the staff recommended that we go to Monforte d’Alba, and […]

Exploring Piedmont, Italy

When I studied abroad in Florence, my mother and godmother came to visit and we traveled around Italy and Switzerland. Adorably, my mother purchased a book entitled “Special Places to Stay in Italy” and we proceed to stay in a very odd hotel that she found in the book. It’s wasn’t really special, it was […]

Truffle Hunting in Italy

Charles agreed to let me plan a side trip during our time in Europe. While Oktoberfest is being celebrated in Germany, truffles are being hunted and wine is being harvested in Italy. We rented a car and Charles fearlessly drove through the Alps, and we headed for Piedmont, a region in Northwestern Italy known for […]


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