24 Hours in NYC, and a visit to Roosevelt Island

Last month I made a quick last minute trip to the East Coast. I flew into New York City and stayed with my sister before we met up with our family in Connecticut. From Connecticut, I went home to Kennebunkport with my parents for the weekend. I got to spend time with my entire family, […]

Exploring NYC with Mom

After Costa Rica I flew back to New York with my sister, and since we missed Mother’s Day, we flew our mother down for the weekend. My Mom loves visiting NYC, and has been many times in the 10 years my sister has been living there. She has seen all the major sites, so when […]

My Favorite Places in New York City

When I was 22 I moved to New York City, and I loved every second of it. At times the city seemed overwhelmingly big, and expensive, but I was determined to make it my home, and for two years it was. I went from feeling like an outsider to knowing how to weave my way […]


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