London’s Pubs

London’s pubs are bursting with personality. They have curb appeal. They seem to have more flowers than most gardens, paired with beautiful signage. It’s like they are inviting you in for a pint. While we were in London I made a hobby of taking photos of the more picturesque pubs that we passed. No I didn’t drink […]

Exploring London

I have another post about London for you. I have told you about Shoreditch, and all about where we ate in London, and today I am going to tell you about my favorite London tourist destinations. There are two places that I like to visit every time I go to London, and I have made it […]

Where to Eat in London

I know that the British aren’t exactly famous of their contributions to the culinary world, but London has a fantastic food scene. We ate traditional British pub grub along with Indian, Peruvian, and Israeli food during our time in London. We also celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary with an indulgent high tea. Let me tell […]

Exploring Shoreditch London

I love London. After 5 visits, it is the European city I have visited the most (considering the fact my husband is British, this makes perfect sense). London somehow manages to feel big and small all at the same time. Go to Piccadilly Circus and you are surrounded by a big bustling city, but stroll through […]

Tea at The Drawing Rooms at The Ampersand Hotel

During a pocket of spare time on our visit to London, Charles and I had a proper English afternoon tea. Having tea and going to Notting Hill were at the top of my to-do list because these were things I failed to do on my previous trips to London. In order to find the perfect […]


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