Kansas City Favorites

Kansas City, Missouri is a Midwestern city with a vibrant culture, world renown barbecue, and a breadth of activities to experience. I have been to Kansas City twice, and I have a major soft spot for the city. Here is a list of some of my favorite things to eat, see, and do during your […]

Kansas City BBQ & Plaza Art Fair

On day two of our trip to Kansas City our number one mission was to eat bbq. Kansas City is the bbq capital of the world, with over 100 restaurants devoted to the cuisine. Due to its central location within the US, KC has a mix of bbq styles, and some local specialities. Then, after […]

Exploring Kansas City

Did you know that you can fly from Chicago to Kansas City in just about an hour? It’s a quick, easy, and affordable destination for a weekend getaway. I first discovered Kansas City a year and a half ago when I attended Go Blog Social. The conference kept me busy, so I didn’t have time […]

YJ’s Snack Bar in Kansas City, MO

After two days at Go Blog Social my brain was bursting with ideas, and I was getting tired. Once the sessions came to a close, we had a couple hours to relax before going to one last GBS party. My friend Nicole and I decided to use our time to explore Kansas City, Missouri. We […]


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