Iceland’s Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is a 300 kilometer road that connects many of Iceland’s natural wonders. On our third day in Iceland we rented a Land Rover and our little group piled into the car to explore, and it was a highlight of the trip. To prepare for our day long roadtrip around Iceland, we thought […]

Glacier Climbing in Iceland

Iceland is a country for explorers, and there are dozens of adventure activities to try. You can go scuba diving between tectonic plates, hike inside volcanos, snowmobile on glaciers, mountain bike, and more. I wanted to spend one of our days in Iceland doing something more adventurous, and we chose glacier climbing. We picked glacier […]

Exploring Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland had been on my bucket list ever since I heard about their stopover program 12 years ago. It’s simple. If you book a flight on Icelandair, you can stay in Iceland for up to 7 days on your way to Europe, without paying any extra fees. The flight to Reykjavik is just 5 ½ […]


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