French Onion Soup (made with beer)

I first shared this recipe years ago, along with some pretty horrendous photos. I love the recipe, so I thought it was time to return to it, update it, and give it some better images. This is a twist on classic French Onion Soup that adds a bit of beer. Of course, the best part […]

A Simple, Honest Braised Turkey

Brining a Thanksgiving turkey is a lot easier than you might think. Plus, it keeps your turkey moist and adds lots of flavor. I created a simple, no-fail citrus and tea brine that can be put together in just minutes. I brined my turkey for 24 hours using just a mixture of Honest Tea, Simply […]

Brussels Sprout, Bacon, Shallot, Goat Cheese Pasta

  Ready for a quick and easy pasta recipe with some fun fall flavors? I love creating pasta based on the bits of ingredients I find in my fridge, which is just what inspired this Brussels Sprout, Bacon, Shallot, Goat Cheese Pasta. This can be made in just 25 minutes, making it a great pick for a […]

Lemon Sage Chicken

Short on time? This Lemon Sage Chicken recipe is just what you need. There are times when my recipes aren’t exactly planned out, they just come together based on what I find in my fridge. This recipe is a perfect example of that. The chicken was poached in butter, white wine, and lemon, and seasoned […]

The Pump Room at the Public Hotel, Chicago

The Pump Room at the Public Hotel is celebrating its 75th anniversary. While some hotel restaurants can be sterile and uninviting, The Pump Room, with its gorgeous globe lighting, is cozy, romantic, and welcoming. Some friends and I were invited to taste throw back 1930s cocktails and the fall menu. We were treated to a […]

The Easiest Way To Roast Squash

The hardest part of preparing squash is slicing the squash. It is so hard, dense, and awkwardly shaped that it can be dangerous to cut. Recently I tried cooking squash a new, much easier way. Instead of struggling to slice the squash, place the entire squash in the oven, and bake it until soft, and […]

Ketchipotle Bison Chili

The chilly fall weather, the colorful leaves, and the football on tv inspired me to make chili for the first time this fall. There is something wonderful about the scent of chili simmering on the stove. If you haven’t tried bison yet, you should. It is similar to beef, but it is a leaner meat. […]

IPO at the W City Center Chicago

Last week I dined at IPO (short for Initial Public Offering) at the W City Center with 20 of my blogging friends. We were spoiled rotten with mixology demonstrations and a six course dinner. You know you are having a great week when that sums up your Tuesday. We kicked things off with a mixology […]

Roasted Beet, Spinach, and Goat Cheese Salad with Maple Glazed Pecans

Yesterday I talked about how beets are the hot thing on the Chicago foodie scene right now, and I explained how to roast a beet. Today, we are taking those roasted beets and making a fabulous salad. I love the combination of beets and goat cheese, but you could also make this salad with gorgonzola. […]

How to Roast Beets

Beets! They are the fall’s hottest new ingredient. They are in season right now, so this is the perfect time to try this trendy food. Beets can be sliced thin and served raw, but I love the smooth silky texture of a roasted beet. Right now several restaurants are serving beets roasted, then cooled, and placed in […]

Beef and Goat Cheese Bolognese

Tomato season is coming to a close, and my home seems to be filled with them. No, we don’t garden, but apparently we can’t resist picking up gloriously fresh tomatoes at the grocery stores and farmers markets. This then lead to the dilemma of what to do with all of these tomatoes. I decided to […]

Bacon Wrapped Scallops

When we go to Maine my parents spoil my husband by preparing insane amounts of seafood. Fresh seafood is more expensive in Chicago than it is in Maine, and since I don’t particularly like seafood, I don’t cook it. The rest of my family loves it, and one of their favorites is bacon wrapped scallops. […]

A Maine Favorite: The Clam Shack Lobster Roll

The lobster roll is a simple treat loved by the masses. Its rich buttery taste is an affordable way to enjoy the flavors of lobster in a casual environment without the work of shucking lobster yourself. Made popular in New England, its appeal has spread across the country, with restaurants specializing in the tasty treat […]

S’mores Brownies

  I have a thing for S’mores. The crunchy Graham Cracker, the gooey melted marshmallow, and the rich melted chocolate- it is something that I can’t say no to. There is something nostalgic about s’mores. They remind me of summertime campfires. These brownies are a fun less messy way to enjoy the treat from my childhood. I recently […]

5 Minute Southwest Chicken Salad

This is the ideal meal for a hot summery day (even though we don’t seem to get those in Chicago…) when you don’t want to heat up your kitchen by turning on your stove or oven. The best part? This meal takes about 5 minutes to prepare and it is loaded with vegetables and protein. […]

Watermelon, Balsamic, and Feta Salad

This refreshing three ingredient Watermelon, Balsamic, and Feta Salad is perfect for summer and can be served as an appetizer or a salad. I love how the sweetness of the watermelon is balanced by the salty feta. The balsamic reduction adds just a little acidity and it somehow pulls the flavor of the watermelon and […]


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