Copenhagen Recap Part 2

My second day in Copenhagen began with a mission to get breakfast. I know that I had been joking on social media about wanting to get danishes, and it turns out that as the name suggests, they are common in Denmark. The staff at our hotel recommended that we check out Emmerys which is a […]

Copenhagen Recap Part 1

Curious to know everything I saw, drank, and ate in Copenhagen? Well here you go! After going through all of my photos, I realized it was too much for one post, so I am breaking it into two. Let’s start at the beginning. Our first order of business was checking into the Admiral Hotel, and […]

Smørrebrød: Open-Faced Danish Sandwiches

While in Copenhagen, we decided to try to local cuisine. I had naively thought that danishes were common in Denmark, but apparently that isn’t the case. Instead, it was all about smørrebrød, which is kinda hard to pronounce so I joking renamed it smo-bro. If any Danes read this site, I sincerely hope you find […]

The Admiral Hotel and Salt Restaurant in Copenhagen

I spent last week in Europe with Charles. While the primary purpose of the trip was visiting Charles’s family, since they live so far away we have decided to incorporate little getaways into our trips so we can break up the time and spend time alone together. We chose to take a side trip to […]

What Should I Do In Copenhagen?

I am going on a bit of a crazy trip over the Christmas holiday. First I am going to visit my parents in Maine for five days. Then I go to London to spend time with my husband’s family for three days. Then Charles and I are going to Copenhagen for four days. Finally it […]


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