Grilled Caesar Salad


I first discovered Grilled Caesar Salad several years ago at a restaurant in Lakeview, and it only just occurred to me that I should be making it at home. It’s a simple recipe, and a fun variation on a classic salad. If you happen to be grilling, you can easily throw some romaine on the grill and add this salad to your menu.

Grilling the romaine lettuce gives it a nice slightly smokey, slightly charred flavor. The lettuce itself wilts just a bit, but still retains it’s crispness. The process of grilling takes just a couple of minutes, so start grilling the romaine just before you plan to sit down to eat. I kept my salad really simple and served it with just some Parmesan and my favorite Caesar dressing, but you could add croutons, tomatoes, or radishes depending on how far you want to stray from the classic recipe.

If you do not have a grill (I still don’t!) you can use a grill pan, which is how I grilled my romaine. (Sidenote: I use my grill pan all the time; it’s an essential if you live in a city).


Grilled Caesar Salad

Yields 2

5 minPrep Time

5 minCook Time

10 minTotal Time

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  • 1 head of Romaine Lettuce
  • Shaved Parmesan Cheese
  • Caesar Dressing


  1. First, use a sharp knife to slice the head of lettuce in half from top to bottom. Then rinse and dry the lettuce. It is important to let the lettuce dry because any water on the lettuce when it is placed on the grill will steam the lettuce causing more wilting, and the edges of the lettuce will take longer to char.
  2. Place the lettuce on a grill over medium heat, inside of the lettuce facing down. Check on the lettuce after a minute. You want the edges of the lettuce to be slightly charred. Grill for longer if necessary.
  3. Remove the lettuce from the grill and place on a serving dish. Top with the Parmesan and Caesar dressing. Serve immediately.

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